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Precision non-contact measurement and control solutions. This technology is applied across a broad range of industries such as medical, automotive, and aerospace. Applications include: wire, cable, hose, tube, pipe and optical fiber.

AirLink System Inc.

AirLink Systems

AirLink Systems makes precision air controllers for the tubing extrusion industry. Applications include controlling ID/OD and Wall for bump/taper, multi-lumen, and thin wall tubes. AirLink Systems' products are widely recognized as the best in the industry.



OmniCure product line of UV curing equipment. Products offered include UV spot cure systems and UV LED curing systems. The S2000 spot cure system is the industry premiere UV spot cure system, utilizing a unique closed loop control technology. The AC series and the LX500 series feature UV LED curing for spot and area cure applications.

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Roblon makes advanced machinery for the fiber cabling industry. Products include servers, binders, pay-off and take-ups. Roblon's new Precision Coiling Unit allows for "hands off" precision winding of cables onto reels.

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Plasma surface treatment technology. Both atmospheric and vacuum treatment systems are available for cleaning and activation of polymer and metal surfaces prior to coating, printing and adhesive processes.